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Ann Marie Kalus is a UK-based Jewish-Armenian writer with a deep love for words. Because life is too nice, she spends her years thinking up imaginary problems and then torturing herself into finding a clever way out of them. Her profound interest lies in medical humanities, particularly in illness narratives and exploring mental and physical illness in fiction. She studied two consequent degrees in two different countries: Psychology and English with Creative Writing. 


Latest Blog Posts

Are Robobees The Artificial Pollinators of the Future?

Can technology offer a solution to our growing biodiversity crisis? And are robot bees the future of agriculture? Not too long ago, a mysterious affliction called colony collapse disorder (CCD) began to wipe out honeybee hives,...

Can we create Artificial Gravity?

The true nature and mechanism of gravity has been of deep interest to humanity ever since the ancient world, and it continues to fascinate us well into our 21st century. However, the essence of gravity is still very much elusive....

Bioluminescence: Application in Biotechnology

Bioluminescence has been fascinating to humanity for as long as we can remember, and it has certainly inspired many scientists and non-scientists alike over the last decades. Bioluminescence is the emission of light by living organisms. This natural phenomenon has...

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